Encryption module

Last updated: 2021-11-11 17:09

While HD4DP is developed by healthdata.be, the EM module is not. It can be developed by data providers or third party vendors.

The architecture workgroup of the eHealth platform have strict rules concerning the encoding. Encryption and decryption from the HD4DP software are kept separate.

A new component, whose main functionality, is the encryption of the data before it leaves the organization. Since “data encryption” is the main purpose of this module, it will be referred to as Encryption Module (or EM).

Development by Data Providers

cookbook containing detailed instructions onhow to implement the module are attached.

HD4DP needs to be configured for the encryption module (cf "How to configure HD4DP for an encryption module").

Finally, validation (cf. article "Encryption module validation scenario") the encryption module implementations is done by healthdata.

Development by Third Parties

The two main functionalities of the encryption module are:

  •   Encryption and decryption data
  •   Sending and receiving data

HD4DP needs to be configured for the encryption module (cf. article "How to configure HD4DP for an encryption module"​).

Encryption and decryption

Healthdata.be has validated (cf. Encryption module validation scenario) the encryption module implementations, developed by the following parties:

Sending and receiving data

In Belgium, different eHealthBox client softwareapplications are available.

An eHealthBox client application provides an interface to use the eHealthBox service. The eHealth-platform communicates medical files, lab results or other sensible information.

​The use of an eHealthBox client application is required for sending data to healthdata.

The main vendors are: