Configure Mail Server Settings

Last updated: 2021-11-11 17:10

This article explains how to configure an organization's mail server settings in HD4DP so, that the application can notify users concerning necessary actions for their registers and to inform admins about changes or requests for user accounts.

In case  mail server settings are not yet configured, you will see in the status bar of your application that the mail server is offline as is shown in the image below:

If the status shows that the mail server is down, perform the following steps to configure them:

  1. Login as admin in the application
  2. Click on 'Configurations' in the Configuration-panel. You will see a list of parameters.
  3. Above the table on the right, enter 'mail' as search parameter. The list of displayed configuration parameters will change to those containing the 'mail' keyword.
  4. Please fill in the necessary values to configure the mail server: (do not forget to click the green mark to save entered values)
    • MAIL_FROM_ADDRESS: You can fill in a fictional email address e.g. You can also choose to use your organisation's helpdesk email so, that users are able to reply to the mails they receive in case they have questions
    • MAIL_SMTP_HOST: The hostname of your organisation's mail server
    • MAIL_SMTP_PORT: The standard port is 25
    • MAIL_SECURITY_PROTOCOL: Most of the time, this should be none, but you can choose from the dropdown
    • MAIL_SMTP_USERNAME: If authentication is required, fill in the username (empty if no authentication must be performed)
    • MAIL_SMTP_PASSWORD: If authentication is required, fill in the password of the user you filled in or leave it empty if no authentication must be performed

If all is configured correctly, you can refresh the status bar to recalculate the status and check if it works:

In case a mail security protocol is used or authentication via user/password was filled in, please verify the settings are working by going to the login page and click 'request new account'. Create a test account with your email and click 'Request'. You should receive an email for the account you requested. You can then login as admin and reject the account.