HD4DP v1 integration with a Patient Identifier Service

Last updated: 2021-11-11 17:10

Integrating HD4DP with a patient identifier service allows basic demographic information such as date of birth, gender, place of residence. HD4DP is based on the national registry number or an internal reference number.

The NATIONAL_REGISTRY_CONNECTOR configuration allows to select one option among the different connectors supported by HD4DP.

Supported integrations

This section provides a brief description of different options, along with the different configuration keys that must be filled in properly.

NIN Connector

If your organisation uses the NIN (National Insurance Number)Connector from HealthConnect, integration can be done out-of-the box by configuring the Server URL, Application Token and User ID in HD4DP. 


  • Select the RRNCONNECTOR option in the dropdown list


If your organisation uses a patient administration system that is able to accept ADTqueries (v2), it is possible to integrate this with HD4DP as from v1.4.0. This ADT query can be done based on either a national registry number or an internal reference number.


  • Select the ADT option in the dropdown list
  • Fill in the ADT_SERVICE_HOST and ADT_SERVICE_PORT configurations with the host and the port of your ADT service

Customization of the National Registry Connector

For developing your own web service for retrieving patient information from another system, this service must comply with a few set requirements. The service proposes an API respecting the request pattern below, and answers with an XML formatted response similar to the one provided in the example.


HeaderAccept : Application/xml

URL Example: http://localhost:8080/identifierservice/patient/87120406775?user=restUser&password=restPassword


HD4DP requires this layout without namespaces. Make sure that no namespaces are specified since this will prevent the completion of demographic information.

The correct Content-Type in the HTTP header of the response should be filled in. The application/xml is expected as other values will most likely cause error.


  • Select the CUSTOM_REST_NRC option in the dropdown list.
  • Fill in the CUSTOM_REST_NRC_URL configuration.
  • If authentication is required for using the rest service, fill in the CUSTOM_REST_NRC_USER and CUSTOM_REST_NRC_PASSWORD configurations.

Example of usage

Once a connector has been chosen and correctly configured, the HD4DP application will fill in demographic information about a patient, based on a manually filled in identifier. For example, a valid National Insurance number has been manually entered in the "Patient ID" field. The application has updated other fields automatically with (test-) data it received from the national registry connector.