Enable HD4DP v1 auto-upgrade functionality

Last updated: 2021-11-11 17:09

When healthdata.be pushes a new version, you will receive a mail to inform you about the new version that has been set ready for your organisation. When having enabled the auto_upgrade, your HD4DP v1 will detect overnight that a new version is pushed for your organisation. The auto-update will execute the necessary checks and download the new version. If one of the steps or checks gives an error, the auto-update will not take place.  In that case, you will receive an email the next day to warn you that a planned update has not been installed yet. You can decide to trigger the update manually (see article "Manage auto-upgrades of HD4DP") or to contact support via support.healthdata@sciensano.be.be 

The article shows how to enable the HD4DP auto-upgrade functionality.

  • Login in HD4DP as administrator, you should get the screen below
  • Go in the 'Configurations' panel (highlighted in the screen below)
  • Click on the 'Configurations' button²
  • Type 'AUT' in the search bar,  you should get the screen below
  • Select 'True' to enable the auto-upgrade functionality of HD4DP
  • Click on the green V to save the change, if the saving is successful, you should get the below