Handling of request for new project by HD

Last updated: 2022-01-14 17:07

1. Introduction

The service healthdata.be (Sciensano) handels each request according to a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). A public version of this SOP "HD Request Management Process" is also available on this docs.healthdata.be portal. Below you can find the description of the procedure (work instructions).

2. Procedure

2.1. Diagram

2.2. Work instructions

2.2.1. STEP 1. User requests a new project

Action: A user requests a new project. If the request is done by mail, the user has to attach the fully completed template-file ‘New Project’ to it.

2.2.2. STEP 2. SD creates a ticket RF Information

Action: Service Desk creates a ticket, of type Request for New Project on behalf of the user

It is mandatory to attach the template-file ‘New Project’ to the ticket. This file is the one attached to the mail of the user.

The request is submitted by clicking on ‘Order now’

2.2.3. STEP 3. PMO analyses the template ‘New Project’

Action: PMO-team will analyze the template-file on its completeness. :

  • If not, the PMO-team will enter the missing info in the Customer communication and reassign the item to Service Desk. (see step 7)
  • If complete, the PMO-team will approve the requested item (see step 4)

2.2.4. STEP 4. PMO-team approves the requested item

Action: Once the template-file is complete, and the outcome of the analysis is positive, one of the PMO-teammembers will approve the requested item, by clicking on ‘Requested’ and in the next screen, on ‘approve’.

Additionally, the user will be informed and a ZenHub-ticket will be created.

2.2.5. STEP 5. PMO-team sets the requested item to ‘Closed Complete’

Action: PMO-team sets the requested item to the state ‘Closed Complete’

2.2.6. STEP 6. PMO-team sets the requested item to ‘Closed skipped’

Action: if the outcome of the analysis is negative, one of the PMO-teammembers will reject the requested item by clicking on ‘reject’.

A userfriendly information will be entered in the Customer communication-field.

2.2.7. STEP 7. Service Desk to consult the user and ask to complete the request

Action: in case, after analysis by PMO-team, the template-file is not complete, Service Desk will consult the user and ask to complete it with the missing info described in the customer communication.