Handling of request for access by HD

Last updated: 2022-01-14 17:08

1. Introduction

The service healthdata.be (Sciensano) handels each request according to a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). A public version of this SOP "HD Request Management Process" is also available on this docs.healthdata.be portal. Below you can find the description of the procedure (work instructions).

2. Procedure

2.1. Diagram

2.2. Work instructions

2.2.1. STEP 1. User requests an information

Action: A user requests an access via a mail.

2.2.2. STEP 2. SD creates a ticket RF Access

Action: Service Desk creates a ticket, of type Request Access on behalf of the user

Service Desk enters the info coming from the users mail in the ticket

The request is submitted by clicking on ‘Order now’

2.2.3. STEP 3. SD consults the user to complete the request

Action: if needed information is missing, the Service Desk will contact the user and ask for more information in order to complete the form.

2.2.4. STEP 4. DPO handles the request

Action: once ordered, DPO will be notified that an approval request is waiting. After analysis of the request, DPO will choose the appropriate action.

2.2.5. STEP 5. Fulfill the request

Action: if the request is approved, Service Desk will give access as requested in the requested item

2.2.6. STEP 6. Set the status to ‘Closed complete’

Action: once fulfilled, Service Desk will set the status of the requested item to ‘Closed complete’

2.2.7. STEP 7. DPO motivates the rejection

Action: if DPO rejects the requested item, he will enter a motivation in the Comments.

2.2.8. STEP 8. SD to inform the user and set the status to ‘Closed skipped’

Action : Service Desk will inform the user by copying the motivation into the Customer communication field and set the status of the requested item to ‘Closed skipped’