Uniformed naming convention

Last updated: 2024-01-26 22:05

Change name: 

Create DCD formio naming structure using a general overall naming convention of healthdata projects.

Change Description:

The change is to refactor the formio DCD naming to have a structure as:


Where the abbreviation will be used as seen in the column “TX_PROJ_BUS_ABBREV” of the document below, that will be a reference to fill the MDM:

Example 1: 

So for the formio DCDs of the project “Mandatory registration of spine surgery” (full name) it would be something like:

HDBP0240_SPINE_1 and because there is only 1 dcd for the project we do not use a dcd name.

Example 2:
So for the formio DCDs of the project “Pneumology Endobronchial valve” (full name) it would be something like:


Full example:

dcdname/abbreviation: will be the TX_REG_NAME of the DCD.

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