Send a correction of a registration

Last updated: 2024-01-06 12:50

To send a correction of a submitted registration you need to submit the complete record again. An overview of the submitted corrections is available via the HD4DP v2 generic correction form.

The Add corrections function (and button) to a registration form has been discontinued. It is not available anymore, neither via the overview table, nor via the preview page of a registration.

Submitting the complete record again

The preferred way to send a correction is to fill out the complete registration form with the correct values and resubmit it. When you do so, the most recent version of the record that is received by will be considered to be the correct one.

Whether a record qualifies or not is determined by a so-called business key. This is a unique set of values of specific fields per record, such as a combination of the patient ID and the hospitalization date, or the niss code and the sample ID. The business key is created when submitting the original record, and so helps to identify the most recent record received in the database in case of resubmission.

Attention: In case one of the fields that build the business key needs to be corrected, the record that will be resubmitted will have a different business key. Consequently, both records will be considered as correct ones, since there is no identical business key.
You may consider to log a RITM ticket via our Service portal ( to follow-up on this particular case.

There are two options to resubmit a record:

Option 1: Submission via S2S API / CSV Upload

The correction of the values is performed directly in the json or csv file. To resubmit the complete record via the back-end, please refer to the applicable technical documentation pages. The examples shown in the links below are for Pacemaker Primo-Implantation:

  • For submitting the complete record as a .json file via S2S API, go here.
  • For submitting the complete record as a .csv file via CSV Upload, go here.

Option 2: Submission via the HD4DP 2.0 web application

First, you need to access the HD4DP v2 web application, navigate to the study program and select the desired study project in the left dark blue menu. Then, fill out the complete registration form again manually with the correct values. Resubmit the completed registration form.

The previously submitted record will become irrelevant based on the business key.

The generic correction form

The Correction Form you can find in the list of study programmes and study projects in the HD4DP v2 web application contains an overview of all submitted corrections of registrations.

If you want to preview these corrections of registrations, navigate to the study program Correction form and then to the study project Correction form. Finally, select the most recent version.

The corrections of registrations of the different projects will be displayed READ-ONLY in the overview table.