MDM Mapping of billing codes for MyCareNet

Last updated: 2024-01-06 16:35

Note: The below described mapping solution only applies to the study project of PACEMAKER.

In Architecture 2.0 the DCD fields related to billing codes for MyCareNet do not contain the billing code as their code value, instead this is just a numerical value, and the code value is only displayed in the label, e.g.:

When then sending key values to localdwh and dwh, the submission will contain a key value as follows:

When generating a message for MyCareNet, however, this same numerical value is used in the message payload. Keeping these numerical values, will generate MyCareNet messages with a incorrect billingcode, in this case <BillingCode>2</BillingCode>.

In Architecture 2.5 an MDM Mapping of billing codes for MyCarenet has been implemented. The value for the key will no longer be a numerical value such as 1,2,3… but an actual billing code. To facilitate this requirement, a new column has been introduced in the MDM to associate the billing code with the correct 13 character value, such as "182932-182943". This billing code will be accepted by MyCareNet.