Update a "Endobronchial valve" registration "Primo-implantation"

Last updated: 2022-05-25 18:09

A "Primo-implantation" registration can be updated as long as the registration has not yet been submitted. If the status of a registration is "Saved" , the registration can still be updated.

To update a "Primo-implantation" registration for the study project Endobronchial valve, select "Primo-implantation" in the dark blue left menu.

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When you select a version of this study section , you will see the overview table in the main part of your screen. The table contains, among others, the following items: Registration IDProgressAuthorCo-authorUnique ID, Business keyRegistration codeNational registry ID of the patient...

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Use the filters in the header of the table to find the registration that you want to update.

If you have found the registration, you can open the study form of the registration by pressing the corresponding row in the overview table.

You can complete the missing fields and / or change previously completed fields in the study form.

At the end of the study form you can Save or Submit the registration.

If you save the registration, you can still edit it. A submitted registration can no longer be modified or deleted.