List of incidents

Last updated: 2023-08-30 15:04

The service (Sciensano) processes each incident report according to a standard operating procedure (SOP). A public version of this SOP "HD Incident Management Process" is also available on this portal

To submit an incident related to projects and applications in production and facilitated or managed by Sciensano's service, users can submit a ticket in the HD Service and Support portal.

The researchers have access to the list of incidents related to their project. This list is available in a data table in HD4RES v2.

In SAS Enterprise Guide, the data table is accessible via the ‘Servers’ window, located at the bottom left.

First open the following path Servers >> SASAppRES >> Libraries >> HD4RES2

Then, open the following table "V_HDM_SNOW_INCDNT" (incident life-cycle)

This data table contains the following fields:

SNOW db fieldHD4RES2 column namesDescription
NumberIDC_INCIDENT_NUMBERUnique number that is created once the incident is submitted (INCxxxxxx)
StateTX_STATEThe state in which the incident is at that moment :
- New : the ticket is not handled yet
- Work in progress : incident is being worked on
- On hold : the IT-colleague is waiting for info from another party to continue
- Resolved : the incident is resolved. The caller can reopen the incident if not satisfied, within 14 days.
- Closed : ticket cannot be reopend anymore
CallerTX_CALLER_IDThe person who has submitted the incident
ServiceT_U_SVCThe projectname on which the incident is created. Reflects on incidents opened before January 14, 2022. After this date, this field is replaced by the field 'Related Project Name'
CategoryTX_CATThe category to which the incident is related (data transfer, infrastructure, application, account, other)
SubcategoryTX_SUBCATEGORYDepending on the category, the type of subcategory will appear that has been chosen.
For example : if categroy=application, the list of applications will appear
Related Project NameTX_U_RELATED_PROJ_NAMThe name of the project (full name, abbreviation and projectcode)
OpenedDT_OPENED_ATThe date and time when the incident was opened
UpdatedDT_SYS_UPD_ONThe date and time when the incident was last updated with comments, change of state, …
Short descriptionTX_SHORT_DESCA short description of the incident
Customer CommunicationTX_COMMENTSCommunication that has been sent to or received from the caller
OrganisationTX_COMPThe organization to which the caller belongs, if filled in in the profile of the caller
Assignment groupTX_ASSIGNMENT_GRThe team that is handling the incident. The person of this team that works on the incident, is visible in the portal.
Due dateDT_DUE_DATEThe person working on the incident can plan his work by filling in this field.
--none--CD_PROJ_BUSThe internal project business code (HDBPxxxx)
--none--TX_PROJ_BUS_ABBREVProject business abbreviation