HD4DP v1

Last updated: 2022-04-13 14:12

General description of the application HD4DP v1

HD4DP v1 ("healthdata.be for data providers") is a local application accessible via web browser developed by Healthdata.be (Sciensano) and installed at the site of the data provider (healthcare organisations). This application allows the data provider to extract data from the primary system and map that data into one or more data collections (if possible).

Clinical information that cannot be provided by the primary systems can be provided manually in the ‘prefilled’ form view of the Data Collection Definition (DCD).

The (form view of the) Data Collection Definitions (DCDs) are managed centrally via a metadata catalogue.

User manual of the application HD4DP v1

An extensive user manual, for both participating healthcare organisations and their IT service providers, is available on this docs.healthdata.be portal: https://docs.healthdata.be/hd4dp-v1.