Tasks of the HD AccComm

Laatst bijgewerkt: 2021-12-05 14:12

According to the collaboration agreement "healthdata.be" between RIZIV and Sciensano the tasks of the Accompanying Committee of the healthdata.be platform are:

  • monitoring of compliance by the healthdata.be Platform with the principles and actions defined in Article 4 of the collaboration agreement between RIZIV and Sciensano;
  • the approval of a draft budget and of an annual income and expenditure account;
  • the approval of an annual schedule of activities for the following calendar year, on a proposal from the healthdata.be Platform;
  • the setting of priorities within the framework of the annual planning and their possible adaptation;
  • the assessment of the admissibility and priority of new project proposals that could be implemented by the healthdata.be Platform;
  • validation of the procedures and criteria for the launch of new registers and the continuation of existing registers proposed by the Steering Group;
  • validation of the Service Level Agreement;
  • validation of the checklist for monitoring Service Level Objectives;
  • validation of the activity report for the previous year before bringing it to the attention of the CSS;
  • monitoring and feedback from the healthdata.be Platform on the impact of the EU Health Data Space.