Software solutions

Last updated: 2023-07-14 16:34

A. Software solutions for General Practitioners (GP)

For general practitioners, an integration of the COVID-19 forms "LaboratoryTestPrescription", "ResultFlagsSuspicionFalseNegativeTest", and "AlertSuspectedCaseNoTestPerformed " is foreseen as an eForm, created by the company HealthConnect and available in the following applications: CareConnect General Practitioner, CGM Daktari, HEALTH one, Medinect, Medispring, OMNIPRO and Pricare. Integration with Prodoc is in progress.

B. Triage Posts (TP)

Intramural Triage Posts (TP)

Physicians working at an intramural triage post, are advised to use the solution available at their hospital for the completion of the COVID-19 eForms "LaboratoryTestPrescription " and "AlertSuspectedCaseNoTestPerformed" .

Extramural Triage Post (TP)

For physicians working at an extramural triage post, the COVID-19 eForms "LaboratoryTestPrescription " and "AlertSuspectedCaseNoTestPerformed" can be used through:

C. Software solutions for Hospitals

Physicians working at a hospital should be able to encode the COVID-19 LaboratoryTestPrescription form in their Hospital Information System or Laboratory Information System. Due to its specificity, it is unlikely that these systems currently are able to capture the requested information in the requested format. Therefore, the creation of a HIS of LIS integrated or “stand alone form” by hospital IT staff or the IT service provider of the hospital is advised.

D. Software solutions for Laboratories