Last updated: 2023-07-18 16:17

Sciensano's legal mandate is to recognize, on behalf of the Minister, the laboratories for clinical biology and the laboratories for anatomopathology. The conditions, modalities and forms to be recognized as a laboratory can be found on the website of the Sciensano Laboratory Quality Service.

Compulsory health insurance reimburses the examinations carried out by a laboratory for clinical biology, anatomopathology or genetics that are included in the nomenclature of medical supplies, provided that these examinations are carried out in recognized laboratories and by qualified healthcare providers.

A. General

General COVID-19 information for laboratories can be found on NL FR

B. Messages

Only two types of messages towards the COVID-19 Test Results Database are relevant for laboratory staff:

Point of attention: the "CoronaTestPrescriptionCode" , the "TelephoneNumberMobilePat", "TelephoneNumberLLPat " are new fields in the message LaboratoryTestResult and address the requirements for contact tracing in the case a person receives a code (the CoronaTestPrescriptionCode) via SMS and is requested to visit a laboratory directly for sampling and testing. In that situation, no LaboratoryTestPrescription needs to completed by the laboratory staff. This process thus replaces the process as described in the recent circular letter of the Federal Public Service Public Health.

More information about the procedure and the CoronaTestPrescriptionCode can be found here (NL FR ).

All results (“Detected”, “Not detected”, “Inconclusive”) of laboratory tests for COVID-19 performed in Belgian intramural and extra mural laboratories should be reported to the central COVID-19 Test Result Database.

C. Software solutions