How to update your HCO's internal organization

Last updated: 2024-04-12 16:33

The opportunity is created to the Belgian Healthcare Organizations (HCO) to view and change the internal organization of departments (so-called wards) known by and used within the different data collections taking place via
If the situation within your HCO has evolved and you want it to be reflected in the different data collections taking place via, 2 global steps:

  1. Get an overview of the current known situation at
  2. Send a request to update to the new situation.

Remark: Keep in mind that changing the ward lists will have impact on the eventual reports generated. A change in wards will not be done retrospectively.
E.g. if a ward has changed his name, in the report visualizing data of that ward, both names of the wards need to be selected to see data from before the name changed.

1. Get an overview of the current known situation at

To get an overview of the current known departments of your organisation:

  • Go here to the FAIR portal and select the Resources tab to view the several lists of wards.
  • Find the Excel file corresponding to your own HCO.
  • Download the Excel file.
  • In the tab 'SITE-WARD' you will find an overview of all known departments (wards) of the corresponding site.

2. Send a request to update to the new situation

To send a request to update the new situation:

  1. Add an action on the line of the ward you want to change on the tab 'SITE-WARD' in the column 'Requested action':
    • Delete a ward:
    • Add a ward:
    • Rename a ward (in practice this will trigger a Delete and Add action) (Note: if it concerns correction of spelling errors, the same code can be maintained. If the rename reflects a change in combination of wards or has a different meaning, a new code needs to be foreseen by the HCO).
    • Please note that if wards are deleted or renamed, this will affect all ongoing registries. Since some registries still collect older data, please make sure that the deleted/renamed wards are not needed anymore in any register.
  2. Please fill in as many fields possible, to make sure the processing of the changes can be done smoothly. Mandatory fields:
    • Requested action
  3. The code of the WARD in the application will be taken from the field CHILD_CODE_CONTENT_VALUE and consists of the three digits representing the recognition number of the HCO followed by the internal ward code or identifier.
  4. Submit the updated Excel file to via our service portal ( and your request will be treated as soon as possible.
  5. Through the ticket created in our service portal you can follow-up on your request and you will be notified when the changes are implemented.