Update a registration

Last updated: 2022-01-07 15:22

Suppose we want to update a "Primo-implantation" registration of the study project Orthopride Hip. In that case, we need to navigate to the study program QERMID Orthopedics and then to the study project Orthopride Hip. There we need to select "Primo-implantation" in the dark blue left menu.

Important: a registration can be updated as long as the registration has not yet been submitted. If the status of a registration is "Saved" , the registration can still be updated.

When you select a version of this study, you will see the summary table in the main body of your screen. The table includes the following items: Registration ID, Progress, Author, Co-author, Unique ID, Business Key, Registration Code, National registry number of the patient.…

Use the filters in the header of the table to find the registration you want to update.

Once you have found the registration, you can open the registration's study form by clicking on the corresponding row in the summary table.

You can complete missing fields and/or change previously completed fields in the survey form.

At the end of the survey form, you can Save or Submit the registration.

A registration can be updated as long as it has the status "Saved" and as long as the registration not has been submitted. A submitted registration cannot be updated or deleted again.