ICT Information Session 2023.11.17

Last updated: 2024-02-09 14:45


Dear colleague,

The healthdata.be team hereby invites you to a new series of open Q & A Sessions. These meetings will address a variety of critical topics that have been brought to our attention, and aim to support you by the implementation of the HD web services and csv upload for the register projects of healthdata.be (Sciensano) .

In our continual efforts to ensure these sessions are as beneficial as possible, we kindly request that you share any specific concerns, outstanding issues, or valuable feedback ahead of the meeting. This will assist us in tailoring our preparations to meet your needs.

At present, we have scheduled these 1 hour online sessions to occur on a bi-weekly basis, on Fridays from 10h30 to 11h30. Changes in the schedule will be communicated in advance.

Questions you share before the end of business on Wednesdays before the info sessions, will be addressed.

Please feel free to direct any questions or inquiries to email the Onboarding team of healthdata.be.

  • The agenda for the session of 2023.11.17:
    • Logical names
    • Correction form
    • ICT Info Session changes
    • Updates and communications

The presentations together with questions and answers will be made available on our https://docs.healthdata.be/hd-ict-information-sessions.

We look forward to your presence at our meetings.

Kind Regards,

The healthdata.be team


Recording of the session

(available on demand)

Slide deck of the session

(available on demand)

Questions and answers to the session

Go to https://docs.healthdata.be/documentation/hd-ict-information-sessions/hd-ict-information-sessions-qa for an overview of all questions raised and answered (Q&A) during our recurring ICT Information Sessions.