Proc6: Roadmap

Last updated: 2021-11-23 06:28

All teams agree upon a mutual planning. Because all parties are already involved in the analysis part, the project(s) are known and the roadmap meeting becomes a planning meeting of known tasks.

The most important part of the planning are the dates information has to be given between the teams. These dates will be monitored via the HD Team Lead Meeting.

The dates that are communicated with the Requestor are

  • Period ‘ready for Data Collection’ in user acceptance
  • Period ‘ready for Data Validation’ in user acceptance.
  • Period ‘ready for Analysis’ in user acceptance.
  • Period ‘ready for Reporting’ in user acceptance.

These dates are based on the dates the development has to be ready for production and the time that the customer needs for the user acceptance. It has to be discussed with the Requestor during the analysis phase and conclusion written in the detailed project description document, under the section Timing.

HealthData Development has to focus first on the start date of each period. HealthData PM has to focus on the dates ‘moved to production’.

HD LeadPM(s)
ParticipantsPM(s) HD Roadmap Meeting TLs, Technical Coordinatorà Planning ; Ball Park of development cost are defined (± 20%) Head of service à Validation of Ball Park for development cost
DeliverableDel7: Contract with Planning and Dates
HD Estimated TimeHours (00:30h*10 people = 5h + 2h = 7h)