General COVID19 BARO GP project information

General COVID19 BARO GP project information

Last updated: 2022-09-23 11:08

Project name

COVID-19 Barometer: General Practitioners

Project abbreviation


Project code


Primary organization that oversees implementation of project

  • University Leuven

Partner organization participating in project

  • Consortium Eerstelijnsdata

Organisation that commissioned this project

  • University Leuven

Organisation providing monetary or material support

  • National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance (RIZIV-INAMI)
  • Federal Public Service Health

Brief project description

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the national monitoring project COVID-19 Barometer was started by the Consortium Eerstelijnsdata. The aim of this barometer is follow-up of the extra muros (general practitioners, coordinating and advisory physicians, triage posts, pharmacists, midwives, home nurses, …) with regard to the execution of the critical tasks, the quality of execution of tasks, the need for help, the available capacity, the number infections, and the availability of medical equipment.

This data also aims to support the COVID19 Risk Assessment Group, COVID19 Risk Management Group, and the National Crisis Cell.

Regulatory framework of this project

Consult the regulatory framework information published on the pages.