Triage posts

Dernière mise à jour: 2023-07-13 13:55

Triage posts are specifically designed centers to examine patients who may be infected with COVID-19. They do this after referral by a doctor. These patients do not have to go to a GP's waiting room or to a hospital emergency room where they can infect others. If necessary, the triage center will then refer them to the hospital for hospitalization. The centers are an initiative of doctors and governments and are part of primary care.

Each triage center is supervised by a medical officer who guarantees the daily functioning of the center. In addition, there are medical coordinators who are responsible for the organization, planning, distribution of doctors, etc.

Since November 1 2022, all triage centers ceased to exist.

A. General

General information for Triage posts can be found on NL FR

B. Messages

Two type of messages towards the COVID-19 Test Results Database are relevant for the Triage posts:

C. Software solutions

Following software applications will provide a solution to send the messages "LaboratoryTestPrescription" and "AlertSuspectedCaseNoTestPerformed" to the COVID-19 Database at Sciensano.