HD4DP v1

HD4DP v1

General description of the application HD4DP v1

HD4DP v1 ("healthdata.be for data providers") is a local application accessible via web browser developed by Healthdata.be (Sciensano) and installed at the site of the data provider (healthcare organisations). This application allows the data provider to extract data from the primary system and map that data into one or more data collections (if possible).

Clinical information that cannot be provided by the primary systems can be provided manually in the ‘prefilled’ form view of the Data Collection Definition (DCD).

The (form view of the) Data Collection Definitions (DCDs) are managed centrally via a metadata catalogue.

User manual of the application HD4DP v1

An extensive user manual, for both participating healthcare organisations and their IT service providers, is available on this docs.healthdata.be portal: https://docs.healthdata.be/hd4dp-v1.

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Request account for HD4DP v1

Request account for HD4DP v1

To access the HD4DP v1 application, you need an account, a username and a password. If you do not have an account, you can request one by following the steps below. If you have an account, follow the "sign in" instructions at the end of this page.

  • Open the link for the HD4DP v1 application. You will see this screen:
  • Click on the Request account link on the login page.
  • Fill out the request form:
    • Enter a username, first name, last name and e-mail address
    • Select the organization and data collection(s)
    • Fill in the Requester e-mail field if a person requests an account for a third person
    • Submit the request user the Request button 
  • Confirmation e-mails are sent to the person for whom the account was requested as well as the requester, if the field "Requester e-mail" was filled.
  • The approval or rejection for the user account is confirmed by mail. Depending on your organization, this could take a few hours.
    • This action will be done by an HD4DP v1 administrator in your organization 
    • The confirmation mail will include all the necessary information to log in

Sign in

Logging in to the HD4DP v1 application is done in 3 steps:

  • Enter your username and password​ in the appropriate fields
  • Select the correct organization
  • Click on "Log in"
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Create a registration in HD4DP v1

Create a registration in HD4DP v1

The Data Collection view leads a user to the existing registers. A user can start collecting data from this view.

Creating and submitting a registration consists of 4 steps:

  • Select the register for creating a registration.
  • Click on "New registration" button.
  • Fill in the registration form and save or submit the registration
  • Save the registration temporarily if needed. The status of the record will be "Open" for saved registrations.​
  • Submit the registration if  no validation errors present. The status of the registration will change to "Sending".
  • When the record has been processed, the status will change to "Submitted".

As soon as a registration is sent, the "status confirmation" column will show "Pending".

  • ​It shows "OK" once the registration has arrived, and "NOK" if the registration did not arrive within 48 hours. If the status is "NOK", the software will automatically try to resend the registration up to 10 days after the initial submission.
  • For the statuses "Sending","Corrections needed" and "Approved" the status confirmation will be empty because the registration has not yet been submitted.
  • A registration can be "Reopened" if needed as long as the status of the registration is "Submitted".
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Change a registration in HD4DP v1

Change a registration in HD4DP v1

Een gebruiker kan een registratie wijzigen en voltooien in vier stappen:

  • Selecteer het register waarvan u een of meer registraties wenst te wijzigen
  • Klik op de registratie die moet worden gewijzigd, en vul het formulier volledig in. De status van de record is dan:
    • Open voor registraties die handmatig werden opgeslagen of door een csv-bestand up te loaden
    • Correcties nodig voor registraties met fouten
  • Sla de registratie tijdelijk op indien nodig. De status van de record wordt Open voor opgeslagen registraties
  • Verzend de registratie als er geen validatiefouten meer zijn
    • De status van de registratie verandert in Verzenden bezig
  • Wanneer de record is verwerkt, verandert de status in Verzonden

Zodra een registratie verzonden is, verschijnt in de kolom van de statusbevestiging de melding In behandeling.

  • ​Bij ontvangst van de registratie verschijnt de melding OK; als de registratie niet binnen de 48 uur is ontvangen, verschijnt de melding NOK. Bij de status 'NOK' zal de software tot 10 dagen na de initiële verzending automatisch proberen om de registratie te verzenden
  • Voor de statussen Verzenden bezig, Correcties noodzakelijk en Goedgekeurd is de statusbevestiging leeg, omdat de registratie nog niet is verzonden
  • Een registratie kan eventueel Opnieuw geopend worden, zolang de status van de registratie 'Verzonden'
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Delete a registration in HD4DP v1

Delete a registration in HD4DP v1

Only registrations with status Open or Corrections needed can be deleted.

The following steps are required to delete the registration:

  • Select the record and version for which you wish to delete a registration
  • Select the registration(s) you wish to delete
  • Select the Actions button and select the Delete registrations option
  • Select Yes to confirm
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