User manual of the application

Last updated: 2021-11-11 15:41

One aspect of Healthdata's mission is to provide a publicly accessible web application with detailed inventory of all recurrent policy-supporting scientific data collections in Belgium in the area of health and healthcare, as set out in the eHealth action plan.

This information (coming from various sources) is made centrally and publicly available on our FAIR portal (

The assignment also includes providing additional (meta)data in the context of data collections in collaboration with data collection(s) managers and collaborators.

Because we want to ensure the accuracy of the data, an overview and approval by the appropriate data collection(s) manager(s) is required before the data is automatically published on FAIR portal.

METADATA OF PROJECTS (this site) gives data collection(s) managers and collaborators the ability to create / edit and manage information about such data collections and provides an approval workflow.

Please review all topics in this manual to get the basic understanding on how to use the application and contact support if you still have any questions.

How can I access the application HD4DP v1?