General Heart valves project information

Last updated: 2023-04-11 11:56

Project name

Heart valves

Previously: Transcatheter aortic valve implantation

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Primary organization that oversees implementation of project

  • National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance (RIZIV-INAMI)

Partner organization participating in project

  • Not available

Organization that commissioned this project

  • National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance (RIZIV-INAMI)

Organization providing monetary or material support

  • National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance (RIZIV-INAMI)

Brief project description

The reimbursement commission for invasive medical devices and implants has approved a change in the reimbursement of surgical heart valves and percutaneous aortic heart valves by modifying the indications for benefiting from a percutaneous aortic valve and by making the reimbursement of the valves conditional on registration in a registry. Currently, for surgical heart valves, hospitals must send a paper form to the insurers with some data and there is an optional registration of percutaneous aortic valves via a registry managed by the scientific association. The change in reimbursement therefore provides for a mandatory online registration of medical data and implanted material of surgical and percutaneous aortic heart valve implantations as well as a follow-up for surgical and percutaneous aortic valves (the encoding of follow-ups for other valves is optional). This mandatory registration allows for a view of all surgical valve implantations as well as percutaneous aortic valve implantations. The registration of percutaneously implanted valves also makes it possible to collect information on the indications for which it was decided to replace the aortic valve percutaneously rather than surgically. The two scientific associations involved, BWGIC and BACTS, will report every two years on the basis of the registered data and present it to the Commission.

Regulatory framework of this project

Consult the regulatory framework information published on the pages.