Belgian Resident Assessment Instrument: Home Care

Belgian Resident Assessment Instrument: Home Care

Welcome at the technical documentation pages for the project "Tax-benefit micro simulation model for Belgium", provided by the service (Sciensano).

These pages provide information about the technical processes of the project. The following sections are (will be) provided:

For scientific information of the project, please contact the primary organization that oversees implementation of project (see section "General project information").

This documentation is being updated regularly. We try to provide as correct, complete and clear as possible information on these pages. Nevertheless, if you see anything in the documentation that is not correct, does not match your experience or requires further clarification, please create a request (type : request for information) via our portal ( or send us an e-mail via to report this documentation issue. Please, do not forget to mention the URL or web address of the page with the documentation issue. We will then adjust the documentation as soon as possible. Thank you!

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Support services of

Support services of

The Service Desk of (Sciensano) helps users of our applications and services and deals with requests and problems when they arise.

The Service Desk focuses on those services run by our IT Services (HD4DP, HD4RES,,...) and helps you with accounts and passwords. For questions about the content and objective(s) of the projects, we kindly refer to the managing research organizations.

For most efficient processing of your request, we advise you to use our service portal:

Please find below our support window hours:

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How to report an incident

How to report an incident

The service (Sciensano) processes each incident report according to a standard operating procedure (SOP). A public version of this SOP "HD Incident Management Process" is also available on this portal

To submit an incident related to projects and applications in production and facilitated or managed by Sciensano's service, you must first log into the HD Service and Support portal:

After the login step, you will arrive at the main page of the portal.

On the main page, you must select "Get Help".

A new page with the title "Create an incident" will appear.

You can now document your incident or problem by providing the following information:
Please indicate the urgency of resolving your issue based on its criticality to the business.

Please indicate the type of problem you are experiencing.

When the problem type "Application" is selected, two additional fields appear: "Project Name" and "Application".

Please select the appropriate information.

Please describe clearly and briefly (1 sentence) the subject of your problem.

Please describe the problem in detail. The following aspects are important for us to understand and solve the problem:

  • a description of the actions you want to perform but fail to perform (e.g. provide us with a field name, a validation rule, a button, etc.)
  • a description (if possible) of the sequential steps you follow to use the service or the application of for which you need support;
  • a brief description of the technical problem you are experiencing (e.g. error messages)

We strongly recommend that you add a screenshot describing the problem (IMPORTANT: do not provide us with patient data!).

You can add the screenshot by clicking on "Add attachments".

On the right side of the form, the mandatory information items of the incident form are listed. When these fields are completed, their names disappear from the "required information" box.

The form can only be submitted if all required fields are filled in, by pressing the green "Submit" button.

If all required fields have not been completed, a warning message will appear at the top of the form.

In addition, missing mandatory fields will be highlighted in green.

When the incident form has been successfully submitted, a preview of your submission appears in a new screen.

On the right side of the screen you will find the details, including the incident number.

On the left side of the screen, you will find a chronology of your incident processing, starting with your creation.

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Submit a request for information about HD

Submit a request for information about HD

To request information about the platform, you first need to log in to the HD Service and Support portal:

Om informatie op te vragen over het platform, moet u eerst inloggen op het HD Service- en Supportportaal.

Om informatie op te vragen over het platform, moet u eerst inloggen op het HD Service- en Supportportaal:

Na de inlogstap komt u op de hoofdpagina van het portaal.

Op de hoofdpagina moet u "Iets aanvragen" selecteren.

Er verschijnt een nieuwe pagina met de titels van de verschillende soorten verzoeken.

Selecteer het vakje "Verzoek om informatie over HD".

Er verschijnt een nieuwe pagina met de titels van het Verzoek om informatie over HD.

U kunt uw verzoek nu documenteren door de volgende informatie te verstrekken:

Beschrijf duidelijk en kort (1 zin) het onderwerp van uw verzoek om informatie.

Beschrijf in detail het verzoek om informatie.

Upload indien beschikbaar aanvullende documenten die relevant zijn voor dit verzoek om informatie.

Aan de rechterkant van het formulier staan de verplichte informatie-elementen van het aanvraagformulier. Wanneer deze velden zijn ingevuld, verdwijnen deze veldnamen in het vak "required information".

Alleen als alle verplichte velden zijn ingevuld, kan een formulier worden ingediend door op de groene knop "Indienen" te drukken.

Als niet alle verplichte velden zijn ingevuld, verschijnt boven aan het formulier een waarschuwing.

Ook de ontbrekende verplichte velden worden groen gemarkeerd.

Wanneer het aanvraagformulier met succes is ingediend, verschijnt een overzicht van uw aanvraag in een nieuw scherm.

Rechts op het scherm vindt u de details, waaronder het nummer van de Aanvraag.

Links op het scherm vindt u een tijdlijn van de behandeling van uw verzoek, te beginnen met uw aanmaak.

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Email security policy

Email security policy


Sciensano blocks e-mails from organizations if the configuration of their e-mail and/or DNS services allow potential abuse by spammers/attackers. More specifically, if the configuration enables other senders to impersonate your organisation by allowing them to mimic your organization’s e-mail “Header From”. In other words, they can send phishing and spam mails that cannot be distinguished from genuine mails from your organization.
If you’re responsible for managing your ICT infrastructure, keep reading. If not, pass this message on to your ICT department or to the ICT service that’s managing your ICT infrastructure.


You’ll have to verify that your configuration complies with “Sender Alignment” security requirements.
More specifically, your mail services and DNS will have to be configured according to ICT standards.
These configurations are common, well-documented and supported by hosting companies. Some useful links:

We’ve noticed that this issue frequently occurs in organizations which moved their ICT infrastructure to cloud services such as Microsoft (O365), Amazon, Google, and MS Azure without properly configuring the ICT infrastructure which is not managed by these providers. The configurations and recommendations need to be implemented on the customer’s ICT infrastructure, either internally or externally. DNS and Mail services are the main ICT platforms for these actions.


E-mails contain an “Envelope From” and a “Header From”. Both need to match to avoid that the mail is blocked.

Some examples:

  1. A public service is using its new domain name in the “Header From” and its old domain name in the “Envelope From”.
  • Envelope From =
  • Header From =

➔ These e-mails will be blocked.

Remark: Because it’s a noreply address, the sender will not even be aware of us rejecting the e-mail …

2. An organization is using a cloud service (Freshservice) for its helpdesk tool and the “Envelope From” has not been customised.

• EnvelopeFrom =
• Header From =

➔ These e-mails will be blocked.

3. A company uses a cloud service (Amazon SES) to send the delivery notification and the “Envelope From” has not been customized.

  • Envelope From =
  • Header From =

➔ These e-mails will be blocked.

Jonas.VanBussel Thu, 08/03/2023 - 16:19